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Graand Kinetic Challenge

Sat. & Sun., July 21 & 22, 2018

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This is no ordinary race. Graand Kinetic Challenge teams are out to prove that their sculpture is the best--best in art, best in engineering, best in speed, best in pageantry, and best all around!

Their biggest test is the race itself and what a course it is! Racers must ride over 10 miles of city streets, over a man-made sand dune, across 3000 feet of sun-dried, clay pasture, through 200 feet of deep, thick, sticky mud, and down 2 miles of the Willamette River. All of this under pedal power with no help from their friends (or spectators)!

GKC Rules and Schedule


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What is a kinetic sculpture?

Kinetic sculptures are moving works of art, pedaled by human power over a rigorous, all-terrain course by teams of fun-loving racers. These engineering marvels move in all kinds of ingenious ways, sculpted into all sorts of fantastic shapes--sea anemone, school bus, flying pink elephant, slice of cheese, yellow submarine--everything imaginable! And the racers and their pit crews are part of the art, decked out in costume and trying to out-compete each other in the entertaining show they put on for the spectators!

GKC LogoThe teams consist of pilots, pit crew and the entourage. Kinetic Pilots pedal the sculpture and steer, the pit crew assists the pilots in transforming the vehicle for the various elements and fixing mechanical issues, and the entourage is the loyal group of friends and family providing support and more fun to the teams. The teams give out "bribes" to the judges, race committee members and of course the adoring da Vinci Days fans.

Spectators are welcome to follow the race on their bikes (please mind all traffic laws that apply). Seeing these amazing and inspiring works of art and engineering is a reminder that it's fun to get around under pedal power!

In the competitions for speed, design, artistry, and pageantry, there are great prizes donated by local artists and businesses. Special recognition in all sorts of other categories honors the spirit and dedication of racers with trophies and prizes. For teams that complete the race under their own power, there is the coveted Leo medallion.

The first rule of the Graand Kinetic Challenge is to have fun!
Some of the rules are of special note to spectators. Sculptures must carry the following equipment at all times during the Race:

  • A flag, prominently waving in the breeze at all times, which symbolizes an important aspect of the team's philosophy of life, the universe, and everything.
  • One copy of the final and official da Vinci Days Graand Kinetic Challenge Rules in a water tight container.
  • A whistle for every pilot while on the water for safety--as required by the State of Oregon.
  • A team song/chant demonstrating cunning rhyming technique, utilizing the team name and the words da Vinci, kinetic and Corvallis, to be performed on demand by the Judges.
  • A thematically appropriate, comforting, and/or cuddly stuffed animal, preferably bear-ish and of fabric composition.
Graand Kinetic Challenge

GKC Art, Engineering & Pageantry Judging

Judging and awards are a big part of the fun.  On Saturday morning, teams run a gauntlet of Art and Engineering judges and also perform their required team song.


Benton County Fairgrounds

Saturday, Jul 21: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
GKC Art, Engineering & Pageantry Judging
Graand Kinetic Challenge

GKC Road Race & Dune Climb

The Lemans start of the road race at the Fairgrounds parking lot gives a close-up view of the racers and their costumed pit crew and entourage. After the road course along Campus Way headed toward OSU, racers return to the sand dune obstacle at the Benton County Fairgrounds. They then complete the course through fields and along the multi-use path to the west to the finish line at Benton County Fairgrounds.


Benton County Fairgrounds

Saturday, Jul 21: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
GKC Road Race & Dune Climb
Graand Kinetic Challenge

GKC Mud Bog

Teams traverse 100 feet in thick, sticky mud before entering the Willamette River for the last obstacle of the race.


Crystal Lake Sports Park

Sunday, Jul 22: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
GKC Mud Bog
Graand Kinetic Challenge

GKC River Race

Racers enter the river at the Willamette Boat Landing between 12:00 -1:30 pm and exit at 1st & Tyler between 1 - 2:30 pm. Times are fluid. Return to Finish Line at Benton County Fairgrounds.  Course closes at 3 PM.


Crystal Lake Sports Park to 1st and Tyler

Sunday, Jul 22: 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
GKC River Race

Our Vitruvian Chicken logo (at left) was created by Melissa Boyd, Rich Hochadel, and Raan Young. Racers please note: you may use it with the following guidelines.

  • Users of the logo may not, in any way, present themselves as official representatives of da Vinci Days or the dVD-GKC without explicit authorization from da Vinci Days.
  • Where appropriate, credit for creation of the logo must be given to Melissa Boyd, Rich Hochadel, and Raan Young.

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