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GKC July 18-19 2015
Seeing things differently

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da Vinci Days
Corvallis, Oregon
a celebration of art, science, and technology
third weekend in July
OSU Lower Campus and downtown Corvallis

da Vinci Days unleashes hundreds of outstanding artists, engineers, teachers, community organizations, and individuals in multiple venues in Corvallis. The three-day sensory experience is inspired by the Renaissance man himself, Leonardo da Vinci.

Where else can you find...
art that makes you think, a juggling physics lesson, a race of human-powered all-terrain vehicles, Grammy-Award-winning music, street performers, a community art project, a sidewalk chalk event, and the latest research in wave energy and other science and technology breakthroughs--all in one place?
For more information contact:

da Vinci Days
PO Box 1883
Corvallis, OR 97339

Phone: 541-757-6363
Email: davinci@peak.org

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Festival Highlights

What's in a Name?

The Festival is named for Leonardo da Vinci, whose creative renaissance genius spanned art, science, and technology. We are a right-brain-meets-left-brain community and our festival reflects that.

Citizen volunteers are the work force, many working year-round in Festival planning and organizing.

Our diverse array of events for all ages provides interesting activities across a multi-dimensional spectrum, from innovative art contests to scientific and technological marvels, to demos of pioneering advances in sustainable living. See our list of exhibitors for more information.

The Graand Kinetic Challenge is the largest kinetic sculpture race in Oregon. It features moving works of art, pedaled by human power over a rigorous, all-terrain course by teams of fun-loving racers. These masterpieces of engineering move in all kinds of ingenious ways and are sculpted into all sorts of fantastic shapes--sea anemone, school bus, flying pink elephant, slice of cheese, yellow submarine--everything imaginable! And the racers and their pit crews are part of the art, decked out in costume and trying to out-compete each other in the entertaining show they put on for the spectators.

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Da Vinci Days is produced by daVinci Days, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in partnership with hundreds of community organizations and businesses.