da Vinci Days

Corvallis, Oregon

July 15, 16, 17, 2016

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Festival Overview

Da Vinci Days is beginning a 3-year "gear up" of a reinvented da Vinci Days. The reinvented da Vinci Days will focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM)  with multiple opportunities to showcase the work of students and staff from local public and private schools, LBCC, OSU, as well as community members. Da Vinci Days 2016 will include multiple activities and events the week of May 16 - 21 and weekend of July 15 - 18.

May 15-20

The May activities and events will be held on the OSU campus and in downtown Corvallis. For more information, see our page for da Vinci in May.

July 15-17

July activities and events will be held mostly at the Benton county fairgrounds, with some activity in and around downtown Corvallis. The Graand Kinetic Challenge activities will once again be the focal point of our July activities. For more information, see our page for da Vinci in July.

Corvallis's own community festival

Corvallis is a community of volunteers and active citizens, and da Vinci Days is one way that we celebrate our passion for creativity and innovation.

Founded in 1989, the festival continues to excite and engage people of all ages. Inspired by the left brain meets right brain genius of Leonardo, da Vinci Days is a canvas for you to create your own weekend of creativity and exploration.

Da Vinci Days exists to showcase our community of artists, engineers, teachers, and visionaries in a weekend of wonder and fun.

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